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About MareNet

MareNet, the worldwide Network of Marine Research Institutions and Documents, provides a set of information services for marine scientists. This site gives you a detailed description of MareNet and its different services.


Please have a look on the Contribute-site for more detailed information how to improve MareNet, how to set up a local mirror of MareNet and how to become a member of MareNet.


The Concepts of MareNet

MareNet is a distributed information service. It uses the information which can be found on the web-servers of the worldwide distributed marine research institutions and departments of universities seen as a distributed database.
The restriction to those professional institutions which are accepted by the learned societies ensure the quality and relevance of the offered information. MareNet serves only professional specific information posted by the scientists themselves. Therefore MareNet complements the services of commercial providers.

All information of MareNet is kept, stored and maintained by its creators at their local institution‘s server or individual homepage. The creators retain all rights of their data. MareNet only gathers and processes these local available information of marine research institutions to make them globally accessible.

MareNet is a noncommercial service. The access to information offerd by MareNet is free for anyone.

The aim of MareNet is to provide a longtime stable and distributed information service for marine science with the collaboration of many national and international societies and marine research organisations.


The Services

MareInst offers a HARVEST-based search engine to search across Marine Research Institutions Worldwide. Currently you can search for general information on WWW-Servers of more than 400 listed institutions related to Marine and Earth Science ordered by continent, country and town.

The core of MareDoc is a link list of document sources of the worldwide distributed Marine Research Institutions. Such document sources are for example preprints, research reports, annual reports, teaching material such as lecture notes, and list of publications of local research groups and individual scientists. The service is also complemented with a HARVEST-based search engine.

MareJournals lists different online available Marine and Earth Science Journals classified with regard to their conditions (free access fulltexts available, fulltexts available, abtract or tables of content available).

MareData gives access to worldwide distributed oceanographic data collections by listing links to Databases, -Centres, Programs and Initiatives. Utilities for calculating, graphing and mapping oceanographic data are given as well. The service is complemented with a HARVEST-based search engine to search across the listed services.

MareJobs offers list of links to related job sites on the web, which are provided by various institutions, societies and service providers.

At MareConf a collection of web servers is given, which provides lists of conferences and workshops related to Marine and Earth Science.

Other Sources of Oceanographic and Earth Science Information on the Web and futher information services of other fields and disciplines are found at MareLinks.



> M. Hohlfeld, T. Severiens, E. R. Hilf,
MareNet - ein elektronischer Informationsdienst für die Meeresforschung,
published in DGM-Mitteilungen, Nr. 3/00, Dezember 2000


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