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How to contribute to MareNet ?



How to complete the link-lists ?

If an institution, an institution's publication link or an other service is missing in the link-lists of MareNet, the Upload Form can be used to register a new URL.

If you want to maintain link-lists for your region or country, just contact us. We allways search people helping us in keeping the list uptodate!


How to improve search-results?

The best way to improve search-results of your own institution is to install your own HARVEST Gatherer.

Please contact us after installation or if you need help.

You should additionally qualify your institutions homepages, your personal (professional) homepages and your document sources by adding metadata according to the international Dublin-Core standard.
Instaed of trying to learn these only machine-readable code use our ready-to-use web-forms, which are found on our Tools site.

It is recommended that the institutions set up on their server one central web-page giving the links to all document lists of their subinstitutions, research groups and individual scientists. That warranted and inscreases the stability of the MareDoc service.

If you use FRAMES on your institutions homepages, please define a NO-FRAME-AREA with all needed information and links.


How to set up a local MIRROR of MareNet

The best way to speed up the file access to all the MareNet sites, is to set up a local MIRROR of MareNet.

To set up a Mirror is easy, using the Perl5 script available at

You need Perl5 with its standard libraries plus an Apache http-server with ServerSideIncludes (SSI) activated.
It is tested with Linux (Suse and Redhat) and AIX.

The Script should be self-explaining and allows local configuration by setting up a mirror.ini file.
Please include the script into the server's scheduling system (crontab).

Note: only the .html files and pictures will be mirrored. All search engines stays at

Thus only 2 MB disc-space and only 10 minutes of work for the server-administrator is needed to set up a mirror of MareNet.

Contact us for more detailed information or if you need help.


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