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MareNet Registration Form - Register new URLs

Just send us an URL that should to be listed in MareNet.

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Please use the form below if you want to give more detailed information.
You could also use this Regitration Form to update an entry or send a short message to the MareNet-crew.

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Name of your University or Institution
(e.g. University of Oldenburg):
Name of your Department, Group or Sub-Institution
(e.g. Marine Physics Group):
State:  (for USA only)
The URL of your Institution:
The URL of your Department, Group or Sub-Institution:
The URL(s) of your Preprints and Scientific Documents homepage(s):

The URL of your Theses homepage:
WebMaster's email-address:
Your email-address (recommended):


Additional URL for the MareJobs service
(e.g. Job offers of your Institution etc.)
Additional URL for the MareConf service
(e.g. your Calendar of Events)
Additional URL for the MareJournals service
Additional URL for the MareData service
(e.g. Databases, Datacentres, Programs and Initiatives)
Additional URL for the MareLink service
(e.g. links to other resources for Marine and Earth
Science Information on the Web)
Some additional comments
(e.g. a short description of the site you want to register to MareNet)

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