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MyMetaMaker is an easy-to-use web-form which will help authors to produce and integrate correct MetaData to their documents as easily as possible. This will improve the web-visibility of these documents and allow a specified search, e.g. by 'author' or 'title' .
The MetaData produced are consistent with the international Dublin-Core standard which will be understandable for many search engines.

Authors fill in as many fields as they think are necessary to describe their document. The output of MyMetaMaker produces the html source for an index or shadow page describing the document. If only the metadata is required, the header of the output which contains the respective MetaData can be copied and pasted into the header of the own document. In case the document which should be enriched with Metadata doesn't come with a web-conformable file format, the produced shadow page can be used to provide the document information on the web.

MyMetaMaker for Research Groups and Instititions will help adminstrators to produce correct MetaData as easily as possible to improve the web-visibility of their research group site.


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